Monday, November 06, 2006

Republicans or Hypocrites- Same Thing

Republicans are funny. The average American citizen who are Republicans are, most of the time, not hypocrites but their leaders sure are. Anyone who continues to back Republicans now are either flat-out ignorant or have drunk the kool-aid and there is no hope for them. Let's see, we have Jack Abramoff, we have Tom (the crook) DeLay, we have Bob Ney, we have Duke Cunningham, we have Mark Foley and the fact that Denny Hastert, John Boehner, and Karl Rove all knew about Foley but still encouraged him to run (utterly disgusting), and now we have the evangelical's leader Ted Haggart. These people are sick and drunk for power. They do not care about any of the American people. They do not care about have fair elections. They do not care about helping the rich with money taken from the poor. They do not care about giving oil companies and pharmecutical companies corporate welfare while at the same time cutting the welfare for the poor people. On top of that, they claim that they are good Christians. These people are not Christians and it is time that true religious Christians wake-up and see them for what they are- HYPOCRITES, LIARS, SCOUNDRELS. True Christian values involve helping the poor, not the rich. True Christian values teach not to discriminate, against anyone for any reason. Especially not to discriminate against gay people, while you're out using drugs and paying for gay sex. That's the Republicans for ya. Also, any true Christian should read David Kuo's book "Tempting Faith" and see what the Republican leaders really think of you religious people. He was second in charge of George Bush's faith-based initiatives and he claims that you all were called nuts and crazy behind your backs while giving you smiles to your face. Christians have the Republicans ever giving you anything that is on your political agenda? NO. Even while you have supported these lying hypocrites faithfully they have done nothing that you all wanted them to do. It's a shame to have your religious views used by politicians for political gain and even more of a shame that you all either do not notice or do not seem to mind. As I said earlier, anyone who is not a lying hypocrite or an ignorant soul would not be voting Republican this election. Maybe you do not have to vote Democrat, maybe just sit this one out because there are no true Republicans or true religious people running on the Republican ticket this election with the exception of maybe a few. Wake-up people, wake-up.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lies, Gas, and Money

Well folks, have you heard the news? Exxon is reporting a first quarter profits, that is the first 3- three- months of this year, of $84.4 billion, yes billion. It is the highest reported profit ever in a single 3 month quarter. If you ask, "why are gas prices so high?" and you get the answer, "because acquiring gas is now more expensive for oil companies, so they have to pass that on to us consumers", then you know that either the person answering does not know what the hell they are talking about or they are just flat out not telling the truth. Logic would tell you that if a company is passing on only its new expenses and nothing extra, then the company should only be making as much profit as it was before the higher price. This however is not the case and oil companies are all making record profits. How can that possibly make any sense if they are not price gouging? Anyone with a logical answer is enouraged to leave it here as a comment because I truly need to hear that one. Not only are they making record profits but remember that these oil companies also get corporate welfare in the form of crazy tax cuts and also incentives to do things that they should be doing anyway. Now profiteering in the time of war is treason in my opinion, and a lot of other people's opinion too. So let us get to the real facts of this situation, or at the very least let us, the American people, realize what the Republicans and their cronies are doin to me, you, and most of all our country.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Double Standard

Mary McCarthy, a CIA member, was fired from her job on charges that she leaked classified information. She is thought to have leaked the information about the CIA having secret prisons in Europe. While it is true she should not have leaked any classified information, if this is true, let us look at this for what it is by contrasting it with our own Administration's political (criminal) leaks. For the sake of argument, let us say that Mary did it. She leaked information about her employment agency doing something that was illegal in the name of all Americans. On the other hand the Bush Administration leaked a CIA officers name-Plamegate anyone?-, in order to get back at her husband for telling the truth about things leading up to the Iraq war. And for all you Rush listeners who will think this uter nonsense because of his lies, "she was not a covert agent, she had a NOC- non-official cover"..... Well if your cover is "official" then you are a diplomat (something with immunity) officially and if you get into trouble, you are still OK (maybe kicked out of country but not jailed or killed) but if you have a NOC- non-official cover then you are not a diplomat, you do not have immunity and if you get into trouble then you are on your own. So you see, actually what this Administration did was treason. So you all need to quit haggling Mary McCarthy and if you really had any guts, morals, or patriotism then call out this President and quit with your obvious double standard.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Santorum Must Go

Being that I live in Pennsylvania it is of utmost importance to me, to see Rick Santorum lose his Senate seat. Now you probably think I want him to lose to Bob Casey Jr. but that is not necessarily the case. You see, if the Democratic nominee is Bob Casey Jr., then of course I want Casey to beat Santorum. I know Casey probably will be the Democratic nominee based on name recognition alone but the fact is, is that he does not deserve to be the Democratic nominee. A man by the name of Chuck Pennacchio desrves that honor. Pennacchio was inspiring in the first of the debates, which I was in the audience for. Pennacchio received most of the crowd eruptions and applauses. Plus Pennacchio had the best ideas and priorities. Pennacchio clearly deserves to be the Senator from Pennsylvania and it is a shame to know that he probably will not make it past the primaries to get his shot. With that said, if and when Casey wins the primary it is an absolute must that he unseats Rick Santorum.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Liar Steps Down

The public face of Bush's regime of liars , Scott McClellan, is stepping down. This guy has told more lies than Karl Rove in a CIA leak investigation. Not only has he lied, but he also has berated press reporters for asking him questions. Exactly what did you think your job was Mr. McClellan? Exactly who did you think was supposed to ask you questions? Oh yeah I forgot, you guys in this Administration either want your questions to be pre-screened (and your crowds), or you do not want questions at all. Karl Rove is also stepping down from his position and is going to work focusing on the 2006 elections. Like Randi Rhodes said, it is ironic that the man whose policies all the Republicans are running away from now in the elections, Karl Rove, is going to help them win the 2006 elections. Same kind of circular logic Republicans always use. Well, I guess it does make sense to them, somehow.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

See If This Makes Sense

OK my intelligent readers, which roughly speaking is O viewers per week, see if you can make sense of the Republican's and the President's strategy on Jack Abramoff. This strategy in itself is all you need to know about how stupid the Bush Administration and the rest of the Republicans think we, the American people, really are. Listen to this, the President does not know Jack Abramoff at all, Bush does not recall meeting him even once, Bush does not remember talking to Abramoff ever, and Bush says he has absolutely no connections whatsoever to Abramoff; however, Bush has met him numerous times- was thought to be a few but now it is over a dozen times-, Bush has had numerous pictures taken with Abramoff- that the Bush administration refuses to release, mind you (wonder why?)-, and Abramoff and his associates say that they talked at length with Bush, in numerous meetings, and even talked in detail for periods of time about their kids, also Abramoff raised over $100,000 for Bush during the 2004 campaign- I guess Abramoff was just like Kenny Boy (Ken Lay) was to him, i.e. someone he knows well when they are contributing large amounts of money or letting you use their private Enron jets but he forgets them all quickly when they go down for corruption and swindling people out of hindreds of millions of dollars. Pretty nice, moral, ethical people- I mean Lay scammed very old people, very poor people, and very old poor people and just about everyone else (while Enron folks laughed it up and made fun of old poor people they were bilking), then Abramoff scammed Indian tribes he pretended to be helping (and he, like Enron folks, made fun of his Indian tribe clients in e-mails calling them horrible names). All this, plus all the obvious connections between Abramoff and Bush available for all to see, and the fact that the Administration is keeping photos of Abramoff with Bush and Abramoff with Laura very secret but we are thought to be so dumb by the Administration that they tell us that they do not know him and really think we will believe it. People please do not be foolish. One last thing is that if Bush and no other Republicans knew Abramoff at all or had any other connections with him, then how did he get so much power or even any power at all? Just face facts folks, that is all I ask.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's the Plan, I Must Have Missed It

So exactly what is the plan? Someone forgot to clue me in. I have heard the President Bush say things like, "we can't give up or lose any of our freedoms to the terrorists". And that is fine, it is all good with me. But then the President turns around and starts wiretapping (spying on) hundreds of thousands of American citizens, without any warrants or court oversight, without even telling members of Congress (except a couple) or any Congressional oversight, and saying he is granted this authority in the Constitution. Huh? Now ya lost me. So we are not going to let the terrorists take our freedoms, we are going to let Bush? Hmmm. It is an OK plan I guess, but can we not think of one better? I think we can, I hope we can. And the President claims he has the authority under the Constitution to break and disregard the Constitution, are you kidding me? And the extremely horrible part is, there a lot of morally reprehensible SELF-PROCLAIMED "Conservatives, who support this Constitution breaking and freedom taking by the Executive branch of the federal government, and put their party over their country. Please wake-up my fellow American citizens. I mean c'mon, really, it is not that hard to see. But then again a recent poll shows 51% of you all support the President breaking the Constitution, the law, and taking your freedoms away. A brilliant bunch of people that 51% must be, I tell you. It would be extremely funny and laughable, if it were not so serious.